Mission & Overview

The MSO Cougar Youth Wrestling Club’s mission is to teach the world’s oldest sport in a fun environment to foster self-confidence, goal-setting, and discipline.  In keeping with the core values of our great two towns, we are an inclusive organization open to all with an emphasis on healthy competition, respect, and teamwork.

We focus on teaching our wrestlers good sportsmanship.  More than most, wrestling is an emotional sport, so we work with our wrestlers to develop the maturity needed to keep their composure, whether they win or lose.  Our wrestlers are expected to honor the tradition of MSO wrestling. After each match, MSO wrestlers shake their opponent’s hand and the hand(s) of the opponent’s coach(es).  Our wrestlers do not talk back to referees, do not throw their headgear, and do not trash-talk opponents. 

We are a volunteer parent-run organization sponsored by the Maplewood Recreation Department.
Our club is open to Maplewood and South Orange boys & girls
in Grades 1-8.
The wrestling season runs November - March.

We divide our club into a Novice Squad and Middle School Team:

Our Novice Squad consists of younger wrestlers and those with little or no experience who practice on Saturdays and either Monday or Wednesday nights. Novice Squad wrestlers may, but are not required to, participate in multi-club competitions sponsored by the North Jersey Jr. Wrestling League (NJJWL), in which we match up wrestlers by weight, age, and level of experience in an effort to ensure safe and competitive matches. For more information on the NJJWL, please see http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=northjerseyjrwrestling.

Our Middle School Team consists of middle schoolers and experienced younger wrestlers who practice together on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Our Middle School wrestlers compete in dual meets sponsored by the Suburban Jr. Wrestling League (SJWL).   For more information on the SJWL, see http://www.subwl.com.