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Store closes on Sunday, November 25th.

Order now for delivery by December 15th.

A portion of all purchases benefits your wrestling club!

New Wrestlers: We provide the singlet worn during matches. What your wrestler wears to competitions over the singlet is up to you, but our branded t-shirt, shorts, sweatpants, and sweatshirt are designed for that purpose.  Also, your wrestler must compete in headgear, which we offer in red or black to match our team singlet, and it's helpful to wear knee pads, which we also offer.  To keep your wrester's gear separate from everybody else's, purchase the personalized gear bag with your wrestler's name.  Your wrestler will also need wrestling shoes for practice and matches. You can buy those at Modell's, using our club 15% discount (see coupon in the "Downloads" section of our website).

For more information about equipment and uniforms, see