We conduct practices on weeknights and Saturday mornings for 1½ hours in the East Gym and Wrestling Room of Columbia High School.  In general, plan for the following days/times, but the coaches will evaluate wrestlers during the first weeks of the season and may assign them to different practice days based on size, aggressiveness & skill to ensure all wrestlers have a safe and enjoyable experience:

  • Grades 1-3: Monday 6:30–8 pm, Saturday 9–10:30 am
  • Grades 4 & 5: Wednesday 6:30–8 pm, Saturday 9-10:30 am
  • Middle School: Tuesday & Thursday 6:30–8 pm, Saturday 10:30 am - Noon

If you have any questions about which practices your wrestler should attend, please discuss with our coaching staff.

Wrestlers are expected to attend all practices for their assigned group and no other practices.  Please arrive at practice 15 minutes before start time to be dressed and ready.

Each practice will feature a warm-up, instruction and drilling period, conditioning and live wrestling.  If time allows, novice practices may end with a wrestling room game or competition as a reward for good behavior.  The more our wrestlers pay attention and take practices seriously, the more fun we’ll all have!

Please provide your wrestler with 2 filled water bottles.  All wrestlers also need wrestling shoes and headgear, and those with braces should wear a mouth guard.  Wrestlers are to wear close fitting athletic wear (t-shirt and shorts and/or sweats) to practice.  Avoid clothing with zippers, buttons, and pockets as they can scratch skin and trap fingers.  Please also ensure your wrestler’s fingernails are clipped short.  Wrestlers are NOT to wear team uniforms to practice..

Maintaining discipline during practices for the safety and fun of our wrestlers is of paramount importance.  With this in mind, we must enforce a few rules:

  • Wrestlers may not leave the wrestling room, except for sanctioned water breaks in the East Gym (wrestlers may not leave the gym to enter a hallway under any circumstances unless accompanied by a coach).
  • Bathroom breaks are discouraged because they are disruptive and difficult to supervise.  Please ensure your wrestlers use the bathroom before practice.
  • Two water breaks will be given during practice by the permission of the coaches.  Please provide your wrestler with two (2) filled water bottles for practices. This will aid in keeping the children in our sight throughout the course of practice (rather than wandering into the hallways to find a fountain).
  • Disruptive wrestlers will be given a timeout. If the behavior continues, the wrestler’s parent(s) will be called for an early pickup.  Parents of repeat offenders may be instructed to attend future practices to supervise their child.  In any event, after the third serious disruption, the wrestler will be removed from the club

Please walk your wrestler to and from the East Gym before and after practices. You're welcome to stay to watch, but do not have to.  If you arrive early, please stay with your wrestler until enough coaches arrive to supervise.  Please pick up your wrestler promptly at the end of each practice or make other arrangements.  Coaches will do their part to end practices on time.