All wrestlers need wrestling shoes for practices and competitions.  Footwear other than wrestling shoes damages the mats, and is never permitted in the wrestling room or otherwise on our mats.  Socks can be worn to try out early practices, but they do not provide the traction necessary to wrestle.  For sanitary reasons, wrestling shoes should never be worn outside the wrestling room.  We operate a Shoe Exchange to provide previously worn wrestling shoes in good condition at no cost to any wrestler. If your wrestler needs a pair of wrestling shoes, notify the coaches before practice.  If you have wrestling shoes that your child has outgrown, please donate them to our Shoe Exchange.

All wrestlers need headgear for practices and competitions.  Headgear covers and protects the ears during the jostling of wrestling.  Please label your wrestler’s headgear.

Wrestlers with braces must wear a mouth guard for practices and competitions.

Wrestlers with long hair must wear a hair covering for competitions such as a Neoprene or Lycra swim cap (rubber/latex swim caps are not recommended because they are unforgiving and rip out hair during the jostling of wrestling).  Long hair is defined as being long enough to obstruct eye sight in front and longer then the top of a collar in back.

Also consider kneepads to protect your wrestler's dominant shooting leg from mat burn.

Headgear and kneepads are available for purchase through our Team Store.  You can also find them for sale, along with shoes, mouth guards and hair coverings, on or athletic footwear stores, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Modell’s (Modell’s offers our club a 15% discount).  Make sure to label all of your wrestler’s gear!*

Uniforms for Competitions:  To keep costs down for everyone, we do not require our wrestlers to purchase a uniform.  Rather, we purchase uniforms out of club funds, and lend them to our wrestlers each year in exchange for a deposit. This requires your cooperation in caring for the uniforms and returning them at the end of the season!  Please follow all care instructions on the labels, including not putting singlets in the dryer.

Wrestlers on our Novice Squad who pay a refundable $65 deposit will be permitted to borrow an official club singlet for the season.  If your Novice Squad wrestler is uncomfortable competing in a singlet, please discuss with Program Director John Gigante. We have a limited supply of alternate uniforms made up of compression shorts and shirts available on a first come, first served basis.

Wrestlers on our Middle School Team must wear a singlet along with a full uniform.  Middle School wrestlers will pay a refundable $125 deposit to borrow the team singlet, shorts, and warm-up jacket.  Please put a removable label (or tie a piece of yarn, string or ribbon) on your wrestler’s warm-up jacket and shorts.*  Just do not write on the items or otherwise mark them permanently.

Please pay the uniform deposit by check, separate from your payment for registration, so we can just return your deposit check at the end of the season.

SINGLETS AND UNIFORMS ARE FOR USE AT CLUB COMPETITIONS ONLY.  Please do not allow the kids to wear them to practice, wrestling events in which our club does not participate, or any non-wrestling activities.

The uniforms must be returned at the end-of-season Awards Banquet.  There will be a $10.00 laundering fee deducted from the deposit for any uniforms that are returned unwashed.  If the uniform is damaged, lost or stolen, you will forfeit all or some of your deposit for the repair or replacement (cost will depend on the item).

* The coaches cannot be expected to gather up and hold onto the various headgear, wrestling shoes, warm-up jackets and shorts that are left behind after virtually every competition and practice.  Please label them as described above.  We will leave items where your wrestler left them and it is your responsibility to retrieve them.