Novice Competitions

Our Novice Squad wrestlers may participate in two types of competitions:

(1) Jamboree Events, which are informal round-robin scrimages conducted by the North Jersey Jr. Wrestling League (NJJWL).  We match up wrestlers by weight, age, level of experience, and aggressiveness in an effort to ensure safe and competitive matches.  3-5 matches take place simultaneously and we try to get every wrestler at least two matches (nobody is eliminated from further competition because of a loss, and we do not keep team score).
(2) Tournaments, which are more formal competitions in which wrestlers are generally matched up by age and weight alone.  There are formal brackets for each weight class, wrestlers are eliminated if they lose, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are awarded a medal or trophy for each weight class.

Wrestlers are not required to participate in competitions to be part of our club. Some of our wrestlers may not be ready or wish not to participate in competitions.  Please discuss with the coaching staff if you have any questions about your wrestler’s readiness or willingness to compete in our competitions.

Our Novice Squad wrestlers are elibible to participate in 5-7 Jamboree Events sponsored by the NJJWL, which are included in your registration fee.  You’ll find these events to be chaotic affairs, with multiple matches going on at once, and some disorganization. For this reason, the coaching staff depends heavily on parental assistance to help us identify on which mat your wrestler is due to wrestle and when, so we can ensure a coach is present to guide your child through the match.

The NJJWL also sponsors two (2) end-of-season Tournaments:  (1) the “Novice NJJWL Tournament”, open to 1st and 2nd year wrestlers only; and (2) the “Open NJJWL Tournament”, open to all of our novice wrestlers.  We may also alert you to additional optional tournaments during the season in which your wrestler is eligible to participate.  Tournaments typically cost $20-30 per wrestler, and parents are responsible for registering their wrestler(s) online in advance in the correct division and weight class.

We usually host a couple of home Jamboree Events, but travel is required for away Jamboree Events and Tournaments.  We rely on parents to get their wrestler(s) to away competitions on time.  For more information on the NJJWL, including event locations, see